Lets get together

Please see details below of this project which was launched in 2016.
1. What is the project about?
NCDC is pleased to announce our exciting new project, funded by the People’s Health Trust, to deliver a high quality programme of community development learning and activities through supporting very local initiatives in South Tynedale in Northumberland.
We want to build on links between farmsteads, hamlets, villages in this very rural area, to tackle people’s view that they have limited involvement in developments that affect their locality.
The project enables people to play an active role in developing, taking part in and sustaining local opportunities.

Different villages have tried different approaches to involving people, and examples of what has worked well will be shared in villages where fewer opportunities are available.
These will include an extension of learning opportunities, village hall events, and, advice sessions on fuel, employment, digital inclusion as well as social gatherings.
Activities will aim to involve and include families, young people, disabled people, older and economically inactive people.
Community volunteers will come together to design a way of evaluating the impact of this programme.
They will then take forward a joint programme to reduce rural isolation and to build skills, confidence and access with and for the members of their communities.
A number of organisations already active in the area have been approached to take part in this project which will be funded for two years but the key factor will be for individuals to take lead roles as community volunteers
The project will be coordinated by NCDC through John McGough a local resident from Coanwood who can be contacted on JohnM@ncdc.org.uk or by phone on 07885303166